When your wrong your Wrong

So i cant say im new to the forum but I cant say that i have been using Endeavour either. I loved Antergos and gnome. I have been using PopOs since antergos devs left. This week there was an update that i installed and ended up making some big changes in my daily computing live. I have windows licenses for my home machine but i preffer using linux to game and work on.

The new gnome version in both PopOs and Manjaro broke my games. CSGO would just sit on black screen and kill both my monitors while im still listening to a stream i can see anymore until i reboot. So i though well whats next I know endevouros will be shipping with the new net install on the 15th of Nov but thats a while a way what to do what to do… So i downloaded the installer and promised myself i would give XFE a good shot (Good Shot became overwellming surprise)

I have been using XFE for 2 days and the things i found that just works is fantastic. I have had this issue with Valve games like Dota 2 and CSGO that if I alt tab ot and back i would be stuck in some weired windowed mode. I would have to tab out again and then use the Super Key and Click on the game to get it back to full screen. Every time someone would send me a DM i would be alt tabbed out of my game really annoying when you playind a comptitive fps game and about to shoot someone and all you see is your desktop.

None of the issue above i have run into yet csgo starts up as expected and runs smooth. I get DM’s and i can shift tab into the overlay to respond when i am ready or dead :smiley: .

So for now i have to admit that when im wron im wrong. Gnome is no longer king on my desktop. I am still trying to customise the desktop the way i would like it but this distros default is perfect to start with.

Thanks for having me and i wish you all the best


Thank you for your enthusiastic respoonse to us and for giving us a try. As you are an old Antergos user, the same friendly vibe has moved to this community with us, so it’s almost unnecessary to say that there are no dumb questions over here.

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Suggestion use Workspaces found in Settings Menu, things get easier as you get used to the new desktop. Welcome.