When deleting Endeavour's package sets, in neofetch it still costs how to fix

As in neofetch to display the arch linux icon, and not endavourOS, there is also a problem of displaying the icon in GNOME.
Right now I have installed the release of EndeavourOS Cassini 22 12, I liked that dual-boot works without problems with my second windows system, but now even if you remove the ticks from the endavourOS packages, there will still be the name of this wonderful distribution everywhere. Although earlier, when deleting packages, neofetch had an arch linux display. Is there any way to solve this problem without downloading the old distribution release?

I’m talking about these 2 branches with packages

Do it the dirty way:

neofetch --ascii_distro arch

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still confused by the triangle in GNOME

you will need to reinstall lsb-release package
and there is /etc/os-release too

you can describe in more detail how I can do this, or give a link to the manual

EndeavourOS isn’t an Arch installer. We don’t have a manual on how to remove the EndeavourOS pieces.

At the very least you will need to remove eos-hooks and reinstall filesystem and lsb-release.