Whats your expierience on LXQT2?


how is your experience on lxqt ?

currently use with LABWC-git 7.2 compiled without use xwayland :slight_smile:
is nice but stil figuring stuf out for this ground, like caffeinated for inhibit add that in the panel.

stil missing some stuf as openbox had but openbox themes works out of the box… the lxqt-panel-git from lxqt-wayland-files is nice with the taskbar but like this is fine too :slight_smile:

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It is local ip but dont fred lol… its a step forward lxqt2 even there is stil lot work :grin:

I see.

As far as edits are concerned. I was saying that IF they edit it, then it may still show.

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No one can hack Ringo… installs only exist for maximim lifewspan of 1 hour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aside from play with try to get labwc session running all over look and feel is improved nicely, also on default session using openbox or kwin.

New Menu per example … default looks a bit strange but it has options to set it up now.

Wit 7.2 of labwc makes logout fluently…is stil handson on somepoint lol…wing menu was better but pitty of license issue stil figuring theme point of the script