What's up with cpulimit?

I went looking for something to clamp down or resource-hog programs (lookin’ at you, baloo), and found that the near-universal recommendation is something called “cpulimit.” Guides, even recent guides, say it’s available on the arch repositories. But as of today, it seems to be absent from those repositories. Searching the AUR, there is something called cpulimit, but it seems to be slightly different from the program that everyone references. It’s missing a couple of the options I see people to refer to. There are also a couple lookalike programs in the AUR. Meanwhile, the git repository of the program hasn’t seen a commit in eight years.

This seemed worth asking about, since it seems like it’s potentially a pretty invasive program. What’s the current correct version of this program? Why isn’t it in the main arch repository anymore?

Have you looked at Ananicy?

Looks cool, but I’m not sure at addresses my issue. If I understand niceness correctly, it’s about allocating system resources. But I need something more absolute: when my computer is not doing much, it (very reasonably) thinks that now is a good time to let baloo have the unused CPU time. The result is that my computer’s fans are always running. I don’t mind baloo running (though it seems silly that it wants to run SO much), but if it’s gonna run, it’s gotta be at like 1% or 2% CPU load.

I think that’s what niceness does? I think?

last commit is 9 years ago
still mentioned here:

Here is another tool which, I guess, will do what you have in mind:

It is in AUR.

Disclaimer: I have no personal experience if the tool. This post is solely informative


Thanks. Looks like it was made for my purpose.


I have baloo disabled in Plasma settings of running services on start-up. For the sake of global file-searching, I much prefer using fsearch. :wink:


Can that be integrated with krunner and/or the start menu search in KDE, for those of us who are weak?


I have no idea, but I don’t think so, because we both seem to be weak, when it comes to such matters. (A web-search didn’t bring any results, here.) :wink:

However, it is super-easy to pin an fsearch-icon to one’s taskbar!


@AidanofVT @anon11595408 OMG I love you all and everybody else here lol! I’m so right at home! :smiley: :heart:

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