What's UID 1000 error on shutdown?

I customized Eos a bit more tonight and after I applied the new themes and wallpaper something called:

UID 1000 needed like 1.5 minutes to stop itself so Eos could stop

Did I do something wrong that I installed a new cinnamon theme and applied a new wallpaper ?

The problem didn’t persist, after 1 more shutdown, but just in case I restarted and it’s a bit faster now, and it works normally

Could it be because I did reset cinnamon since I deleted by mistake the panel ? I’m really confused :thinking:

That is your user account.

It is hard to say without seeing the actual message but it was probably telling you that a process you started was not shutting down and so it was waiting for it.

Could it be like task manager or maybe libre office?

Perhaps I forgot to press X on task manager?

I guess that could have happened… So you say that this is normal, huh?

Without knowing what process it was it is hard to say. I don’t know if it is normal but it is fairly common for something like that to occur.

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Ok, thanks for explaining

It was something similar , but it didn’t happen again, so maybe it’s ok

Yeah, it isn’t anything to worry about unless it keeps happening. The important part is not the UID 1000 it is the name of the application/service. For example, in your picture above, it is “User Manager”.

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