What's the proper way to run Xsession with Lemurs Display Manager

I have installed Budgie community edition. It comes with lightdm . I can’t make it working to run sway. So I installed lemurs. What should be right content of /etc/lemurs/budgie-xorg?
I guess it should run Xsession? Currently I have:

#! /bin/sh
exec budgie-desktop

But i guess it doesn’t run Xsessions, and xessions should be started after budgie desktop, right?

In the budgie community edition, the /etc/X11/ directory doesn’t contain Xessions scripts - they are in /etc/lightdm/Xsession and in /etc/lemurs/xsetup.sh.

I’ve just installed sway
I’ve followed this guide for autologin
and than I start sway with .bash_profile

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Sway with ly or when I run it from TTY. But I would like to have both using lemurs or lightdm

ly is also problematic for sway… best is to not use any DM

Why it’s problematic?

BTW, in my provious post I’ve dropped the word “works” in Sway works with…