Whats is the difference about i3-gaps and i3-wm package?

I did install i3wm, remove and install i3-gaps, but I got a warning that you need either one or another, what should be the difference, thanks!

i3-gaps lets you have gaps between windows on the screen, which some people find aesthetically preferable. Vanilla i3 uses every last bit of available screen space.


i3-gaps also has other additional features which allow for a little more customisation.

$ pacman -Si i3-wm  
Description     : An improved dynamic tiling window manager
$ pacman -Si i3-gaps
Description     : A fork of i3wm tiling window manager with more features, including gaps

I always preferred the aesthetics of gaps. Gaps make the world better. Both in i3 and on theChive.

What about...


$ pacman -Qe | grep "i3-gaps"
i3-gaps-rounded-git 4.16.1.r186.gf3fffbae-1



Ah long time away here, thanks for the help for all users,
… didn’t know about that, I liked I3gaps, as drhoopoe said I found more aesthetically pleasing! =D thanks for all commands, wiil try soon!

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Thank yoy very much, didn’t know about that! :grinning: I preffered I3 gaps, as drhoopoe said is very aesthetically for my usage! Thanks for all the codes either I will use even for i3wm if should be the case! =D

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