What USB Hub to buy for dual monitors?

Hey! I switched to a Framework Laptop (12th Gen) as my daily driver and am really happy with EndeavourOS on it. I want to connect three external Monitors to it using as few cables as possible.
1x 1440p x 144HZ (Main Monitor, used for gaming)
1x 4k x 60Hz (HDMI and DP)
1x 1080p x 60 Hz. (HDMI)

From what i found online it is possible to drive these three monitors off a single cable, but the adapter would cost me way over 200 Euro.Therefore, i"d rather save a bit of money and use two cables, one for the main Monitor and one for the other two. Ideally, I"d also like to use the second cable for Power and USB. Lastly, the cable of the adapter should be a bit longer as the laptop is on a stand and otherwise the cables would just dongle in the air.

Can you guys recommend me a good usb c hub? Budget is 100 Euros but i don"t mind paying less :smiley: