What up What up!

What’s up everybody!?


I just want to say I’m blown away by this OS and community.

I’m next to a NPC when it comes to Linux. Literally have no knowledge or experience about it aside from seeing the little Penguin every now and then when I used to go download something.

I ended up trying out Endeavour after a frustrating evening of 6+ hours trying to get Ubuntu to install. :sweat_smile: Ironic, right? (EDIT: Big thanks to @TechHut)

Definitely a good choice. I’m legit excited to dig into discovery, the Arch Linux Wiki and all the other resources that the community has cultivated over the years. Over the course of the last week, it’s crazy that I’ve grown to enjoy and look forward to reading through the various write-ups and instructions to carry out different tasks as I try to personalize the system for me.

Particularly, I want to thank Endeavour OS for its “terminal-centric” approach. I’m learning to not be afraid of the terminal (sounds crazy when you say it out loud). And to instead learn to understand it and what’s going on in the background. I know for-sure had I been successful with the former distro. then the experience would likely be way different.

Now - I don’t intend on becoming a developer, programmer, or anything of the sort. I’m actually a Business Major in University. I just wanted to get away from Windows. You could say I’m about half-way out the door.

I’ve got the OS installed on my younger-sister’s old laptop. I would’ve put it on my own to daily and I would probably have much better performance. Alas, I only had a little bit of SSD space, and my university heavily depends on the Microsoft Office Suite.

Not able to trash Windows just yet! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m slowly starting to move towards actually making some productivity out of the system. For now, it’s mostly just for generic use. I’m hopeful that I can use this learning curve to start to grow some new skills and explore different applications and such.

I think that there’s really endless opportunity out there of what’s really possible. I’m seriously excited about this Endeavour! :v:t6: :purple_heart: :man_astronaut:t6: :earth_americas:


Welcome to the dark side @1coconut

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Welcome to the Purple Side @1coconut

Enjoy your Endeavour :wink:

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the forum!

Don’t do anything that would disappoint your mom… We ‘may forgive errors’ but moms are best ‘not disappointed’. :wink:

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Haha :rofl:

Measure twice, cut once!

I’m not a carpenter, but yeah I’m double-taking over everything before moving too fast!

Welcome to the forum @1coconut good to see you taking steps to learn and inform yourself

Welcome to the forum @1coconut :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome to :enos: - Forum @1coconut :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag:

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Enjoy the purple roll. Welcome.

Hello! :wave:
Congratulation on your studies and keep up the good spirit :+1:
Your going to discover a lot with this world of free and “libre” software. Many good years to come as this software is yours :grinning:
Take great care! Enjoy your endeavor with this wonderfully crafted distribution. :penguin:

Welcome :wink:

It is pretty good isn’t it?

Hey there! :rocket:

Awesome to hear you’re loving EndeavourOS and diving into the Linux world! :penguin: It’s a whole new adventure, right? Terminal fear? Nah, you got this! :muscle: The Arch Wiki is like your Linux Bible – tons of wisdom in there.

And major kudos for breaking free from the Windows shackles! :window: Halfway out the door? You’ll be all the way out soon, no doubt. :wave:

Don’t worry about not trashing Windows entirely – gotta keep the peace with the uni’s Office Suite. Practicality over purity, right? :sweat_smile:

Enjoy the journey of turning that old laptop into a powerhouse! :rocket: Feel free to hit us up if you ever need Linux vibes or just wanna geek out about it. Happy exploring! :milky_way::sparkles:

Hi, welcome aboard! Then you will gradually get to where I am, that after three years, EndeavorOS is installed primarily on all my devices for stable daily use. Naturally, there may still be tasks that require Windows, but it has increasingly been possible to replace it with EndeavourOS. There is a really great community here, to which you can safely ask all kinds of questions, even those not related to this distribution, and you will most likely get a useful answer. The big advantage of EOS is that it is the closest to pure Arch, so it is quite customizable. Since it is a terminal-oriented distribution, it requires an intermediate level of command knowledge, but at the same time it does not leave you as much as Arch. So if you don’t know something, feel free to ask here and use EndeavourOS safely.

Welcome to actually owning your own computer, and choosing how you want to work, rather than having it dictated to you. It’s liberating, isn’t it. Enjoy the journey. While I’ve been on this incredible ride since the early 90’s, I’m still amazed at the progress being made, and the freedom Linux provides to make your workflow your own. Whether it’s custom scripted virtual desktops, activities, automation, almost nothing within reason is impossible.

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Hey hey hey, welcome to the purply side. :enos_flag: :enos: :rocketa_purple:

Enjoy your time here :enos:

What do you mean? I’ve already cut twice, and it’s still too short!

Welcome to the forum!

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