What to expect on the first release

Originally published at: http://endeavouros.com/what-to-expect-on-the-first-release/

First of all: Welcome to the offical EndeavourOS website. It’s not finished yet, but for now this is the first serious layout towards your upcoming hangout place…..

A lot of you have already tried our first two Beta releases and we’re very happy on your feedback so far, not only on the ISO, but also on the proposed logo made by Nate X. Please keep them coming, it’s essential for the improvement of the OS. Also we like to express our gratitude to our very first members who donated with Leechi, if you either expressed your enthusiasm by donating, giving feedback, offering help or just be there on our Telegram channel, THANK YOU for your trust……. This means a lot to us.

The fifteenth of July is nearing and as you already noticed EndeavourOS is beginning to turn into something visible and visitable very fast. So here I give you the features you can expect on the fifteenth.


The website is going to be based on WordPress and Discourse……… Yes you’re reading it right, we finally succeeded to get Discourse working on our server, despite the earlier announcement that we dropped it. As you already noticed we decided to go with Nate X ‘s logo, he’s going to work on the font for the final draft, but the figure is going to stay. I’m hard at work designing the website, but there’s going to be a short French, Spanish, Catalan and German intro on the forum. For the Spanish, Catalan and German part we already have members that offered help to write it, I only need a French native speaker to translate our story. If you like to help out and you’re French, or Canadian-french, please let me know.


The beta releases have been all about the offline installer, Calamares. As you know Cnchi has caused serious problems to be working outside the Antergos eco system and it needs a complete rewrite to work. The Fenix installer by RebornOS is getting more into shape, but needs more time to properly function. Joe is working on a guideline for people who like to join in on the installer project on Gitlab, but he’s going to release an announcement on this tomorrow. In the meantime, we’ve decided to launch EndeavourOS with the stable version of the offline installer. This is temporarily, untill we get the online installer working, either that’s going to be Cnchi, Fenix or another online installer.

We already announced that EndeavourOS will be having a smaller repo than Antergos, all the DE’s, except i3-wm and Openbox, will have a small layer of customization with the Arc theme and icons. Some of the apps and packages you can expect are: Firefox, Gparted, Kalu and Yay. We are aware that we’re shipping some AUR packages by default, but it’s over fifty percent less than Antergos shipped and since this distro is build with the Antergos community in mind, we still want to give them some good old Antergos convenience in our repo. Our goal was always to deliver a system that’s close to Arch and not vanilla Arch. We are still convinced that, despite these preinstalled packages, EndeavourOS will be a system with less bloat than most of our competitors with a similar active and friendly community. We’re aiming to reach the large group of distrohoppers, who want to learn Arch the Arch way with a more than friendly community to fall back on.

I’m sure we (and with we, I’m counting you in as well) will make this distro a success and for now we’re counting on your support and feedback on the beta releases and more……….

Untill the next newsupdate and in the meantime, enjoy life! (Digital and Analog)


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It’s nice that you have not completely abandoned cnchi yet.
Regarding the success of Endeavours - not that it was somehow particularly important, but i can see how on the distrowatch.com will be climbed upward.

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all the DE’s, except i3-wm and Openbox, will have a small layer of customization with the Arc theme and icons

What does this mean for i3 and OpenBox? That they’ll have no customization or that they’ll get a big one or something else entirely?

Welcome on the forum,
It means that it will have no customization at all.

Ok, thanks for the response :slight_smile: