What to do with /etc/locale.gen.pacnew?

O.K. I’ve run the command to look for pacsave files, I have these:


I’m under the impression that I don’t have to address the first two but should not ignore the last one. I have run the pacdiff & merge tool just to see it without a doing a commit, and it asked about the first file, so I immediately quit. I don’t know how to focus it on the last one. But I know I’m supposed to use this tool to merge the files.

Personally, I would delete it unless your current locale list is lacking in some important way.

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You shouldn’t ignore any of them.

Replace/remove or combine as suits your needs.

Edit: this may be a big help for you.


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The first two, I did delete about a week ago, got myself into a situation where system coudn’t update, and someone here helped me get it back. I am familiar with that link.

That’s good. Maybe I’m misunderstanding then, and for that I apologize. But what’s the question then? I’m confused.

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The recommendation I got back then was to use the rate-mirror command and not worry about the pacsace for the two mirror files, bu the guy helping said to not ignore any other files of this type.

so trying to just address the last one…

For these three particular files, you almost certainly want to keep the old version (without .pacnew).

So you don’t have to do anything, really.


Hello again! So just let them go… works for me :}


While eos-rankmirrors pulls a new mirrorlist from a mirror, the rankmirrors command deals with local files only.

Thus, when you get a mirrorlist.pacnew, you’ll want to diff it against mirrorlist and see what changed - likely a new mirror or a dropped mirror. And merge the changes. Or take the new file and uncomment your preferred mirror.

So I invoked the pacdiff and meld command, just to look at what it showed, and I saw the two files, pacnew file on the left. I saw a tutorial, and recognize the horizontal arrows that let you merge parts right or left, and I see each panel has a down arrow to let you save the changes to one file or the other. Once that’s done, assuming you tried to merge, you would merge back to the original, save, and exit the editor, and when it asks you if you want to :

:: (V)iew, (M)erge, (S)kip, (R)emove pacnew, (O)verwrite with pacnew, (Q)uit: [v/m/s/r/o/q]

you would choose option (R), correct?

You may find this helpful:

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Yeah, I’ve been there…it’s where I found out I had these files to manage. Haven’t found much on the actual use of the tools.

It’s pretty self explanatory, but you could probably YouTube it. It’s got arrows where to add lines from the different files if you want, and compares the old and new side by side to see how you want to handle them.

Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep merge or replace. You will need to decide on your own. Generally mirrorlist files people don’t keep as most keep their own mirrors updated anyways. Others, you won’t find an answer to because it’s up to you.

Mostly I don’t care about the mirror files, as speed isn’t that important to me, just trying not to break the system. That’s my priority, dispatch this problem, clear it and move on. Just asking if the steps as I typed them above will resolve it.

In other words, do I have the steps right so nothing breaks, as I’ve written it?

If you want to remove the pacnew file, delete it and not over write the old, then yes.

ok, we’ll try it and see how it goes…

That seemed to work. I used option ‘R’ for both mirror file pacnew files. tried to test the update mirrors feature on the welcome menu, it still functions. It came up with a screen asking me to prioritize where my mirrors should be, it ran another scan and said it saved the result. Ran the command that looks for pacsave files and just showed the local related one which I have’t messed with (yet) , the others are gone, so I guess it worked.

Though it puzzles me since it ran another scan (which I wasn’t expecting) and saved the result. Not sure why it didn’t generate another new pacsave file. So I don’t really understand this.