What to do when the free space in partition is not available

Hello :wave:, I am a newbie to this so sorry if i asked a silly doubt

I want to dual boot with Windows and EndeavourOS however as u can see the free space is only 7.69MiB (this is actually the Pen Drive i believe). Which do i select before continuing to the next step? Thanks

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Have you already installed a Linux distro before on another machine or on a VM?
I’m only asking because if you haven’t EndeavourOS can be daunting from the start.

The Free space isn’t your pendrive, it is actually the free space on your machine, you have to shrink the Windows partition first, but before you go into that, just answer my first question. :wink:


sorry i lost that temp account, now i made a new one. I am still cedab.

Yes a little bit of Ubuntu and i am willing to learn. Please help me.
Yes i understood this much(from painstaking hours of searching ofcourse) but how do i do that?

Boot to Windows, open Disk Management Utility as admin, shrink the Windows partition by at least 20 GiB. You will be able to allocate the free space to EndeavourOS.

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I did it, but just to confirm before, what i need to do is create free space of 20gb right? thank you

Open Disk Management from Windows with admin permissions, right click your Windows partition, choose Shrink and choose at least 20 GiB to shrink, boot EndeavourOS and choose to install to unallocated space.
20 GiB is the minimum, you can increase it if you want.

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@cedab2 How did you fare?

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Thank you for your help

, i got a problem after doing this (not because of partitioning, i was just confused) but with a few youtube tutorials i solved the issue.

Great, i finally have EndeavourOS on my computer. i am so Excited!


And welcome to EnOS’ community @cedab/@cedab2 !



Great to hear!!

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