What should I do, please help

After I run sudo pacman -Syu I am getting this. What should I do?

Read this:


sudo pacman -Sy endeavouros-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu

First of all, so I should press n , right?
And then run those commands.

Just abort the update with Ctrl+C and run the two commands.

Thank you very much, where I should look for these kinds of info after this? I am looking for a rss or something to get the important news and new releases and stuff like that.

You’re welcome!

There is the important notifications category:

I don’t know whether it is posted anywhere else…

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The Welcome app (eos-welcome) will show important news too, and it has a button Software News which will show a page containing info about this issue, among others.

The page is https://gitlab.com/endeavouros-filemirror/Important-news/blob/main/README.md.

And Arch has also a page for useful news: https://archlinux.org/news.

Sorry for the late reply,