What services do you self-host in your HomeLab?


About two years ago I discovered Plex and Plex led me to discover the Synology NAS, which has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Since buying one, I have gone down the rabbit hole of self-hosting services via docker, and it’s been a game changer that has brought tremendous value to my life. I’ll make a list of what I self-host below, and I would also like to hear from anyone else in the Self-Hosting hobby to share what services they self-host and what system they use. I am always looking to discover new services I am unaware of yet to potentially self-host. On the contrary, if you don’t self-host and this piques your interest, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

My System:

  • Synology DS1821+
  • 8 Bays with a RAID6 two fault drive tolerance setup
  • I have 100TB of total space, with 70TB used so far.

Services I host:

  • Vaultwarden (my password manager)
  • AdGuard Home + Unbound (network ad blocking and recursive DNS + local DNS rewrites)
  • Audiobookshelf (audiobooks)
  • FreshRSS (rss server)
  • Homarr (dashboard for the self-hosted services)
  • Nginx Proxy Manager (reverse proxy and SSL certificate manager)
  • Paperless-NGX (document manager)
  • Plex (media server)
  • Portainer (docker manager)
  • Synology Contacts (carddav contacts)
  • Synology MailPlus (hosting my own email)
  • Synology Calendar (caldav calendar)
  • Synology Drive (Google Drive replacement)
  • Synology Photos (google photos replacement)
  • Tailscale (remote access to my internal LAN)
  • Synology Notes (notes manager)
  • Synology Surveillance Station (ONVIF IPTV camera manager)

Website with plenty of docker guides: https://mariushosting.com/
Subreddit for selfhosting: https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/

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I host my Unifi controller in a Docker container. I also run Immich through Portainer, which I must say is a fantastic product. Man, Mariushosting has helped me so much at my job I really need to donate to him :grimacing:

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Haha, Marius is so awesome, I finally got around to doing that myself. I felt ashamed not doing so because the man has brought so much value to the table with his dedication.

Well… I ditched my Syno quite a time ago and it is just my backup now. And even as that it is just not fitting my needs anymore, I need something ZFS based for this. Money will solve this some time in the future.
My homelab consists of:

  • Dual WAN Gateways (Fritzbox with DSL and Mikroitik Router with LTE as Backup)
  • OPNsense in a HA-Cluster. one based on a DELL 210 bare metall, the other as a VM
  • Wireguard and Unbound on OPNsense (getting CARP, Dual-WAN and VPN online was a nightmare)
  • Two Mikrotik Switches (CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS328-24P-4S+)
  • Two TP-Link Omada indoor APs and one outdoor AP
  • Proxmox Server with the following services as VMs or LXCs:
    • TrueNAS-VM - NAS (with it’s own zRaid2 based on 6 16TB Seagate drives via HBA controller)
    • Jellyfin - to provide the family Video and Audio Streams
    • Grafana + Prometheus - for Dashboards
    • homeassistant - better visualization for homematic
    • Terraform server (work) - Well, Terraform
    • jdownloader - well…
    • buildserver (work) - building work environments
    • debmatic (Homematic as VM) - Home automation
    • Arch-mirror - Well, I use Arch, kind of…
    • Omada controller - to control my APs
    • CheckMK - for Monitoring, not happy with it
    • zabbix - same, not happy with it
    • kuma uptime - same, too simple, not completely unhappy with it though
    • pfelk - Firewall-Monitoring - still struggling with it…
    • salt server and docker registry (work) - output of the buildserver has to go somewhere
    • tandoor server - recipes server
    • opnsense-VM with it’s own network card - the before mentioned second part of the HA-cluster
  • 2 Raspberry PIs, one with homematic-backup, one with powerwalker-controls
  • Powerwalker UPS - to be safe from power outages
  • 2 “servers” from work (well, one is actually more a client, but let’s keep it simple)

All nicely put into a 12HE open rackframe in my basement, and seperate from this in the garage:

  • Synology DS 412+ with 4 6TB WD Reds as target for rsync backups of my NAS.

And yes, I work from home, and have a family which also relies on this services for work or school, so I got a little bit full retard here…


I’m rather lightweight compared to you all:

RPI3b, running as a fileserver, with RaspBerryPI OS running on a 128 Gb SSD, with attached:
2 TB USB SSD (for data) + 2 TB HDD (backup).


  • nextcloud
  • wiregaurd
  • adguard

All awkwardly put away in a cupboard I built myself.

Quite stable (the RPI; not sure about the cupboard though…).

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