What means latest cards only on Nvidia boot entry for the installer ISO?

Hello and good day/evening/night/morning. After installing endeavor, somehow screwing it up, and deciding to do a clean reinstall, I noticed the “EndeavourOS x86_64 UEFI NVIDIA (latest cards only)” option in the live usb boot menu. After googling and searching the forum for some time I couldn’t find what “latest cards” actually means. Like are we talking 30 series and up? 20? I dunno.
So does anyone have a concrete answer and/or knows where to look stuff like this up?

p.s : My laptop has a 840m, so far from the latest anyway xD

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Hi @suffet and welcome to the forum. Not sure what the answer to your question is but maybe have a read of this and see if it has your answer.


If that fails I’d also check out the arch Linux wiki, otherwise hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along and answer this for you soon

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Maxwell series and newer Nvidia cards use the nvidia, nvidia-lts, or nvidia-dkms packages, which can be installed from the normal repos with Pacman. See here from the ArchWiki article:

For the Maxwell (NV110/GMXXX) series and newer, install the nvidia package (for use with the linux kernel) or nvidia-lts package (for use with the linux-lts kernel) or nvidia-dkms package (for all other kernels).

All other cards require different packages. Typically they will be sourced from the AUR and will have to be set up after the installation is finished.

According to this page, 840M is a Maxwell card so you should be good to go using the option in the installer. :+1:


Yeah that makes sense. Thank you! Still weird that it’s not really mentioned anywhere. (specifically the meaning of the phrase “Latest cards”, which is a hell of a nitpick but I was curious).

P.S : Thanks for the warm welcome y’all!

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I think 800 series and up would be supported. :thinking:

Thats not us but Nvidia made the decision to put cards on legacy branch after some time of support with their latest driver, you would find the Info on Nvidia drivers page too.

Thats what means “latest” cards… what is indeed some info i came up on adding the boot entry only… it is hard to have some more informative info at the boot menu screen… We had no-legacy cards there before what was confusing a lot of users too. After have it like now we have a lot less questions with this.

But in the end… it is no issue that would happen… becaus eif you try booting on latest nvidia entry with a legacy card it would simply fail to load the installer.

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Short info about Nvidia Modul packages on arch/based:

These are the Latest Nvidia Driver available over official Arch Repository:




These are all legacy branch Module packages available over the AUR only:

And a warning about the builds from AUR, check the AUR page if there are comments about a current issue in case this will happen, often you will find the solution/workaround right there too.


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