What manual intervention does yay expect here?

Hey everyone! I am not quite sure how to figure out what I need to do next here. Probably there is a guide/wiki/readme somewhere. Any pointers would help me out.


I wanted to install some python packages through pacman/yay. One particular install from the AUR failed and now I am not sure what to do. I’ll get the packages I need some other way - probably pipx or something, that’s a separate issue. My confusion is all about cleanup.

How do I clean this up to get back to before I tried to install? Do I even need to do anything, or is manual intervention only if I want to try to complete the installation?


I ran the following and did nothing special on any of the prompts:

yay -S python-randomgen

The building seemed to go fine (very long output, using gcc etc), it is the checks that failed:


 -> Failed to install the following packages. Manual intervention is required:


I presume this manual intervention includes some cleanup of the build that has just happened? I just want to remove anything left over from the install attempt, I don’t want to attempt to complete the install anymore.

How do I figure out what manual intervention is needed?

You need to look at the output when you run the package build. In order to see the info you would have to run it again. It tells you the information. If it didn’t build and install then there is only the package build cache left. You can remove that using yay commands.


Thank you very much!
It’s all clean now :+1:

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