What key shortcut for file>menu?

I’m looking for the kb shortcut that does the same thing as a file>right click. I’m not finding it under File Manager Settings.


Obviously because it is a mouse shortcut, while you are looking for a keyboard shortcut.
The right-click menu is the context menu and is usually triggered with the keyboard Menu button, if your hardware has one.

“keyboard Menu button, if your hardware has one.” How would I know?

shift F10 ( some keyboard need be shift fn f10) if i understand thread correct


Search for “pc keyboard menu button” with DDG:

Also, what @Shjim said.


A case of hiding in plain sight (Fn+Ctrl). “usually triggered with the keyboard Menu button” If I get forgetful again (I doubt it, but for something a little different it could be useful), where would I find this information?

In your Laptop/Keyboard User Manual :person_shrugging: , or, sadly, searching the internets.

I don’t mean the existence of the key, but the shortcut: keyboard menu = right click. I guess it’s common knowledge, case closed

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