What is this thunar or new browser?

what is this interface called ? is it also thunar ? never see it before… why when i click a folder in thunar, instead of open the folder to view the content of it, it opens out a separate browser kind of interface ?
what is that ?

screenshot: some interface i have not seen before

and the menu is so washed out that i can’t see the fonts… have to move mouse over it to see the text on it. is it another bug ? i wonder when will i really be able to concentrate to do my work … so many weird stuff on a brand new installation.

screenshot: menu fonts is washed out

Try changing the theme


Preliminary guess: Nautilus is set as the default file manager. This shouldn’t happen on a brand new install, unless you installed the gnome group.
In any case, if you don’t like it, try running yay -Rns nautilus

Edit: another user pointed out that isn’t nautilus

That is not nautilus in the screenshot

looking like the deepin file manager is installed?

Isn’t that the Deepin file manager?

Does installing deepin-gtk-theme, and deepin-icon-theme not help at all?

Indeed looks like deepin, wich is buggy in EOS, it is probably best removing it, are you using Xfce or only Thunar?

Sometimes Xfce does not go with the default file manager, unless it is literally the only file manager installed.


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Almost definitely Deeping, a file manager I like, except that it pulls in a lot of dependencies, and doesn’t play nice in other environments.

Which DE did you install ?

yap. it is deepin. i saw that deepin word somewhere that time… hence i recalled after you mention it.

that is to remove package ?
i would like to remove deepin file manager since it is useless to me.

can you tell me what is the different theme and DE ?
i know theme is just some fancy icon and colours and minor setting… (just like theme in microsoft windows).
DE is the whole things right ? including different file manager app, icon, location of panels, how it looks… although location of panels also can be change in different theme…
if i want to remove deepin file explorer which is buggy here…
can i do it with yay -Rns deepin ?

yay -Rsu deepin-file-manager

Pamac will be great help for you right now . Because you can search on it deepin file and you will see the package and it’s name (deepin-file-manager) in braces . Then you can remove it with pacman or yay or pamac ( in terminal or the GUI itself ) . Same applies to installing packages .

since it says “nothing to do” does that means deepin file manager has being removed or not ?

yay -Rsu deepin-file-manager
[sudo] password for endea-andrew: 
checking dependencies...
warning: removing deepin-file-manager from target list
warning: removing libmediainfo from target list
warning: removing avfs from target list
warning: removing jemalloc from target list
warning: removing libzen from target list
 there is nothing to do

Try yay -R deepin-file-manager

yay -R deepin-file-manager
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing deepin-file-manager breaks dependency 'deepin-file-manager' required by startdde

startdde … what is that ? it requires deepin file manager.

What Desktop did you select when you installed Endeavour . I think you installed Deepin and trying to remove Deepin’s file manager . Correct me if I am wrong !

i hav chosen xfce

In my opinion, it is the easiest to wipe your root partition clean, and reinstall EndeavourOS. You’ve installed every Desktop Environment in existence, cleaning that up manually is going to be a nightmare.

Just pick one and stick to it, do not install other DEs on top of it.

Out of curiosity, could you please post the output of this command:

pacman -Q | wc -l

It will just display the number of installed packages, it won’t make any changes to your system.


You are right . He shouldn’t have done this . Installing one DE first and installing others after install and using different user accounts would’ve been better . I did it many times without trouble .