What is this circle

Hello everybody, I have installed endavouros recently. But when I pressed mod+(something) a green interactable circle comes up and tries to verify something , when I press buttons it lights up some direction. What should I do and what is this?
Thank you for your help


It looks like a screen lock, possibly slock.

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That is the i3 lock screen. It is also consequently why the back ground is blurred. enter your password. Welcome to the forums. I edited the title of this post so it is more appropriate.


Probably that is the fastest answer I have ever gotten , thank you for your help :smile:

Wellcome :blush:


Welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

Friends and quick help are a regular thing on the forum here. :wink: You’ll surely enjoy your experience with Endeavour OS! :enos:

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Welcome to the fun.