What is the username and password of sqlplus?

I have install the sqlplus via yay using this link:
Oracle Database client
Now in windows it does ask for username and password while installing sqlplus
how do i get the username and password to login to sqlplus in endeavour os?
screenshot for reference:

Try your endeavouros user and/or root credentials.
I don’t know for sure… it’s just a suggestion…

I am not sure I understand the issue. You installed a client, why would you need a username and password to be generated?

Wouldn’t the username and password be set on the server?

tried but failed?
am I missing something!!

I have added the screenshot for better understanding.

It is asking for the username and password for the schema for the local database.

If you are trying to connect to a remote instance, you need to pass that as a parameter.

so how do i can get the username and password for the local database?
Sorry I am new to this used oracle long back ago in windows



Do you have a local database? In other words, do you have a local Oracla server running? My guess would be that you do not have one. You only installed the client unless you installed the server separately.

Maybe you should explain what you are trying to accomplish here.

sorry guys i got it
I need to install oracle-xe edition but aur doesn’t have the latest one right now
Thank you guys for the assist!!

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