What is the proper way to share folders between host and guest using Virtualbox?

I have this folder (GH-Shared) in my host that I would like to share with a guest VM.
This pictures shows how I have configured it:

Screenshot from 2023-11-18 12-09-00

It is mounted in the location given as mount point but when I try to open it in the file manager it has a lock on it and I need to give the guest user password to open it. Is this normal or I have to do something in the host or guest to open it without password?

These are packages that I have installed:


I have mounted the guest iso inside guest and run it to install additional features.
I have added the user in host to vboxusers group too.

You probably need package virtualbox-ext-oracle (from AUR) in host.
Then you need (if I remember it correctly) to add group vboxsf to your account in the guest.


Hello @manuel and thank you for replying!

I only did this. Adding guest user to vboxsf group in the guest. I needed to logout from VM and log in again. It works! You remember correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t install this package. Is this package from AUR different from that you can download from Oracle site?

It should be the same. Just easier to install from AUR with e.g. yay, and updates keep coming that way.

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I understand. Thank you so much for the help to solve this problem! I marked your post as solution.

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You’re welcome! Glad you got it solved! :smile:

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