What is the essence of all rice found on internet for WMs


I was always wondering how to make those beautiful rice out the window managers. I am not going to change Qtile for whatsoever reason, but i believe rice can be WM agnostic.

Also when the background image is removed for me most of the rice is looking same. Can you advice how I can make Qtile look good, quickly.

There are some examples with themes on this site:

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On the subreddit r/unixporn, many people provide their config files, that should help.

yeap, that is the source of this longing.
however, missed the configuration part in the comments or rather did not pay much attention.

also i have quirky combo for the love of python

qtile + xonsh + kitty

i like this rice by an endeavour user

Most window manager rices don’t have too much to do with the window manager itself. First, have a good looking and consistently applied color scheme. Also make sure that your wallpaper works with your chosen color scheme. You can very quickly ruin a rice with a bad wallpaper. Same goes with GTK/QT themes, anything that looks out of place will ruin a rice.

Make sure your terminal looks good, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in it anyways. If you are using transparency add some blur. Some people don’t like them, but bars are crazy useful and can display all kinds of information.

Most importantly, looks are nothing if it isn’t intuitive to use. Focus on functionally before looks, it’ll pay off in the long run. Also learn to use Git, if you don’t backup your dotfiles one day it’ll become a problem when you loose all your hard work. You don’t have to use Git, backing up to an external drive is fine but Git has more advantages overall.

I personally use Bspwm, but feel free to checkout my dotfiles and see if anything inspires you. Also r/unixporn is a great place to checkout what other people are doing.

thats very kind of you. my qtile config is mostly borrowed from woff os. thanks,

it could be really lots of serious work, if one wishes. steve is also an EOS user BTW.