What is the Easiest Remote Desktop Server to Setup?

I have need to remotely access my desktop computer from my laptop while on the road. I have my Firewall setup to give me a VPN connection into my home network. I looked at the Arch Wiki and it appears there are several options to pick from for remote desktop access. I just need advice on what would be the easiest remote desktop app to get setup on the server (GUI preferred but I can also do CLI).

I do have SSH access setup and working. I was contemplating doing X11 forwarding but I haven’t used it in a very long time. Really the only thing I need to access is Thunderbird that is on the Desktop computer. If X11 forwarding is easy enough, I will also consider that route but really I’m looking for the path of least resistance as I need this working by Friday.


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The “easiest” is probably nomachine. It has been a while since I tried it but last time I did there was very little configuration. I installed it and more or less “just worked”.


heard of X2Go quite a few times, but never used it myself…

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Looking at one of the items on this list:


Any one of these suggested in particular?

I use X2Go and I’m a fan. Simple setup, seems to work

I used nomachine in the past and it worked well, but then it transitioned to non-free and became a pain to use.
Since then I’ve used Xpra.

I would go with X2Go, worked perfect for me for years.
Nomachine worked very well as well.
Either of these two will likely make you happy.

I spent a day trying to get TigerVNC working but could not get it to work. Stubbornely I was ignroing the suggestion to use X2Go thinking it was some sort of paid program. Looked into it after getting frustrated with TigerVNC and realized it was exactly what I was looking for. A few simple commands referncing the Arch Wiki and I’m up and running. Thanks everyone!

I used RealVNC before I switched to Wayland. Now nothing seems to work.

Sunshine + Moonlight works kinda, but the remote view is unusable cause you can’t see your cursor or zoom in on the display.