What is the difference between community editions and online

I would like to know the difference between community editions and the ones available under online installation. Arnt’ all of the other editions are community editions because apart from the main XFCE other editions are created and supported by the community.

If I’m correct why are there’s two why not put all of them under community and use the “Install Community Edition” button to install anything else other than the main XFCE edition?

The community editions are put together by a group of community members on this forum. These are WMs that are themed and configured by the community developers group and not by the EOS dev team.

The DEs and i3-wm are either lightly configured or are minimal and close to vanilla, the community editions aren’t so that’s why they are in a separate group in Calamares.


I understand but the main difference is known mainly to the core team and now to many :slight_smile:. But for a total newbie, this would be a bit confusing. If you put all the others under community wouldn’t it kind of minimizes the confusion and ease the installation maintenance.

Because either way the other editions are done by the community regardless of the configuration is light or heavy.

You are overthinking this too much, the first ones you mentioned are the traditional DEs we shipped from December 2019.

The others were later additions. That’s it, don’t think further than that, it also has to do with the way the ISO is written.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to sign off for today and celebrate the amount of work we all did.


So jumping in to let @Bryanpwo enjoy the Champagne!

The decision to have them separated from our default Desktop selection is by design, the Community Editions are only maintained by community members and not the development team, they can be removed on the run, and new ones can be added on the run.

Same like packages are separated on Archlinux you gave the official packages on the arch repo maintained and developed by official arch developers, and the AUR PKGBUILDs maintained by users only.

And the separation is also part of the installer structure, if all of them would be on the same installer it would be a large list on the Desktop choosing screen and it will be possible to do a lot of selection combinations that will cause screwed installations.


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