What is the default root password for live environment?

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I just installed Endeavour yesterday and am loving it so far, but I’ve already managed to break my setup. :grin: I installed every desktop environment and window manager available, in the interest of trying each and figuring out what I like best. Unfortunately, most of them failed to load into a usable desktop, and I was forced to hard reset my PC numerous times. Now I am receiving “error : Failed to start file system check on /dev/disk/by-uuid/…” errors at boot, and don’t even make it to whatever login manager I was trying out.

I’ve done some research and believe I just need to run a file system check on the root partition, so I’ve booted into the live environment to take care of that. However, now I’m stuck because I need root permissions to run the command, and I’ve been unable to guess or find the default root password. Can anyone help me out with this?

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type in:
sudo su



Wow, that was easy. :smile: Thank you!

There is no password needed, use sudo before the command you want to run it sudo su to change the current terminal to root user…

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Ja, ich verstehe. Danke.

sehr schön!