What is "&source=desktop" in a search engine query?

That was at the end of the default search engine (brave) in brave browser. My search wasn’t working well, and it’s not possible to edit that part in the settings, so I deleted it and added a new brave entry with only “search?q=%s”. Now it works fine but I’m curious about what that is, some type of tracking?

It’s not tracking but it’s similar.

They use it for basic statistics.

ie. 100M searches with desktop, 200M searches with mobile, etc.


For some reason the search wasn’t working about 10% of the time before I delted that and added brave search again without that code. It would just go blank and not try connecting to anything sometimes when I searched in the adress bar. So far it hasn’t happened in about 50 search attempts since I deleted and added it again.

It might have been some other error though

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