What is "Get Plasma Browser Integration" in KDE Wayland?

Hi friends.

Does anyone know what this icon that appears at the bottom right is? It appears on my EOS KDE with Wayland, but not with X11org.

Thanks in advance.


I believe that has to do with browser integration. Particularly Firefox (and Mozilla-based browsers).

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Thank you friend. But do I have to click, configure or something, or does that icon just mean that the integration is running in the background?

Clicking it should give you the Plasma Integration extension for Firefox. That’s what it did in my case…


By default, EndeavourOS KDE comes with plasma-browser-integration installed. This can connect Plasma to your browser, if you install the extension/addon for your browser.

There’s more information here:


Thanks a lot to both friends. As you both said, it seems to be an extension/addon to have more compatibility with the KDE desktop, control volume, move files, and have access and stuff like that (I’ve only read a little bit about it), so it’s something I’m not really interested in.

I thought this was due to an EOS update or something, but no, this is built into the KDE desktop. I can just ignore it, maybe it will go away eventually.

For some reason it appears in KDE Wayland but not in KDE X11. That’s why I wasn’t sure if it was advertising or something weird.

Thanks again!