What is emergency mode?

What is the meaning of entering emergency mode? Did I lost all of my files?

It usually means something failed while the machine was booting. We would need to see the output that came before that to tell you what it was.

It is highly unlikely that your files are lost.

How can I resolve this?

We need to see why it is failing. Try posting a picture of the screen.

Is this fine?

It looks like the file system consistency check for the root filesystem failed.

Put your root password in there. Then when that prompt pops up, type systemctl status --full systemd-fsck-root.service

This is I got

Type blkid --uuid 58de

Except instead of 58de you need to type that entire identifier shown above that starts with 58de


Share the result of that command

Nothing happened. No output…

You need to include the 58de at the beginning.

Try: fsck /dev/sda2

Can I press y?

It is up to you.

If you say y, it will do nothing. If you don’t, it will try to fix it but you risk damaging your data.

So by pressing y it will be remain same? Or it will get fixed?

There will be no change. It will abort which means something like “cancel”

It says this what should I do?

You have to answer y to the ignore error questions. I do want to stress that what you are doing is fairly risky from a data loss perspective.