What have you learned from EnOS

I think the EndeavourOS Forum is a great learning place.

What have you learned since joining the Endeavouros Forum?

I have learned a ton about ARM and creating ARM rootfs and image files.
I have learned a lot about github.
I have learned about a lot of new apps, and Linux tips and tricks.
Improved my debugging and trouble shooting skills.
And the list goes on.



I’ve learned that not all knowledgeable people act pompous. I’ve learned that Linux gatekeepers will be a thing of the past soon.

In all seriousness, I’ve learned a lot about AUR helpers on here. Thank you all so much!


I learned that the AUR is a fickle mistress, indeed, and that she can at the entry of a simple command break and leave you lots of software installed that you barely can remove (aka that there is no real supported process in place to remove build requirements when an AUR build breaks, which happens too often).

If you are referring to the make dependencies, you can remove them with

sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qdtq)

You can do this with pacman. See the command above.



thanks for the info. If I understand the manpage correctly, it lists (and removes) all build dependency packages that are not necessary on the system anymore. Its a decent approximation to uninstalling the build dependencies of the last AUR build and install, which is information that vanishes whenever a build breaks.


Good morning :wave:

I’ve learned a lot of different commands typical to Arch based systems compared to my old ones from debian relatives, red hat relatives and a long time ago, SCO and Solaris Unix relatives.

remove proprietary nvidia drivers: sudo pacman -Rnsc nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils
check Ram: dmidecode --type 17
clean up cache for cpu-x not working after upgrades: yay -Scc and then n n y reinstall cpu-x

Text blocks to post on the forum :sweat_smile:

Orphans dependency (remove) pacman -Qdtq and yay -Yc

Installed 32 bit libraries for climate prediction dot net.

And a fun one, on calculating machines: checkupdates

On a human scale, they are volunteers on the forum that are so knowledgeable. I’m regularly in great reverence about their professional efficient support. God you guys are good. I wish I could have had colleagues like that in camp Warehouse Kabul in 2004 as SCO Unix admins. :penguin:

Nice thread !
Still writing in my notebook from time to time for the new useful commands :slight_smile:

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The biggest thing I’ve learned from Endeavour, is that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate installing Arch the “Arch Way”.


I learn something new every day from this forum. Sometimes, it’s even useful knowledge! :frog:


I’ve also learned most of the above (by working with @Pudge)
I also learned about:

  • bit of networking
  • lot of terminal stuff (terminal centric distro :wink: )
  • setup and host a website/server on raspberry pi

EnOS is my first distro and I’ve learned a lot about linux and computing in general, mostly starting from this forum.


I have learned here that a handful of people can do something that a large group can’t do (because the agenda doesn’t allow it?).


I learned to love Arch :heart_eyes:


I learned there’s more to linux than ubuntu! :laughing:


Same. After I learned basics with EnOS I was already doing my own Archinstall to “prove” myself that I can copy/paste lines from wiki :laughing:

I always though that rolling release distros like Arch were super unstable and only true neckbeards can master them and I was so wrong! Arch/EnOS has been best possible distro for me :heart_eyes:


I learned just how friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable the people here in the EnOS forums are. Without a doubt, a shining example of how a linux community should conduct themselves.


I wouldn’t know where to begin, all I know is I feel like I’ve learned quite a lot and am always learning something new.


I never would haven’t given an Arch-based distro another glance, until I found EOS.


I learned that Arch–at least in EOS form–is stable & dependable enough for everyday home & professional use. I learned that 10-year-old laptops need not take up space in a landfill–they run fast again on EOS. EndeavorOS piqued my interest in vanilla Arch, so I installed it (using a script). Then I learned that I prefer EOS over vanilla Arch!


ive learned that using the terminal is much ezer that i thought
ty for a great distro / arch made ez


I’ve learned how bad Manjaro really is…

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With the day joining the forum invited by bryan i start learning a bunch of interesting things every day and every night.

The biggest think i have learned here inside the forum ?
Human nature is something strange and wonderful!

And as many mentioned already, there is no single time without learning something new about Linux, Hardware, Coding, Humans, People, Countries, Drinks, Food e.t.c

From EndeavourOS? the name says it all … it is an endeavour that never ends.