What has "haskell" to do in my updates?

Happy Saturday everyone! just wondering, I noticed for a couple of months “haskell” packages filling my updates, why is that? Online I read haskell is a coding language but it is also an intel chip. I see something like this:

eos-bash-shared-1.6.10-1  haskell-aeson-
              haskell-aeson-pretty-0.8.8-151  haskell-attoparsec-0.14.1-1
              haskell-citeproc-  haskell-commonmark-pandoc-
              haskell-conduit-extra-1.3.5-122  haskell-doctemplates-0.9-38
              haskell-haddock-library-1.10.0-7  haskell-http-4000.3.16-4
              haskell-ipynb-  haskell-pandoc-types-1.22-69
              haskell-skylighting-0.10.5-3  haskell-skylighting-core-0.10.5-3
              haskell-texmath-0.12.2-6  haskell-xml-conduit-  ipython-7.22.0-1
              kglobalaccel-5.80.0-2  pandoc-2.12-9  xterm-367-1

Is that normal or have I been hacked? :sweat_smile:

please run

pactree -r haskell-aeson

or put the name of a different haskell package in there.

Btw, I see you installed pandoc, which pulls in lot of haskell packages.

Run pactree pandoc to see which all packages are required by pandoc.


That’s it! Thanks for this, I didn’t know the pactree command, this is really neat :+1:

I don’t even recall why I installed pandoc, I think it could be related to Latex and markdown languages, I work on a gitbook via R studio, or work a lot on Tex studio.


We learn something new everyday :wink:

just run pactree -r pandoc and it will tell if any package depends on pandoc. Maybe it was installed as a dependency for something else.

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That was probably one of the shortest thread solved, within 1 min :rofl:


I know it’s solved, but for anyone looking for it in the future, mabe uninstall pandoc, and install pandoc-bin from AUR. It douesn’t have 1000 haskell dependencies :slight_smile:

pandoc is also an optional install for eos-apps-info :wink:

Thanks for the tip. For my system, I prefer installing from arch repo when available, avoids any breakage and dependence on random person to package and maintain. Not saying that AUR is not good, I use it too but only if necessary.

Gosh this post was last Spring :rofl: