What happens now? I aborted an Aur Installation of brave

Last night I tried to install Brave browser and the only option was AUR, but since it had so many dependencies I decided to try to stop it and I said abort after the 2nd or 3rd step.

The Linux boots normally, nothing seems to be borked, what did abort do? To me it just stopped brave from installing … I installed opera instead from pacman repo

I remember saying abort somewhere at the dependencies steps

Must I do some sort of cleanup? I won’t try to install something again from AUR, it’s not like pacman and it’s complicated

Will this mess up my updating of endeavour os in the future??

A system upgrade via pacman can be generally divided into a couple of stages:

  1. Syncing local database
  2. Downloading packages
  3. Pre-transaction hooks
  4. Installing packages
  5. Post-transaction hooks

To my knowledge, pacman does not support transactions. In other words, none of those stages mentioned are atomic. Therefore, the precise effects of an interruption will depend on when the interruption occurred.

If the process is interrupted at stage 1, you may end up with a corrupted local pacman database. In most cases, this can be fixed with something like sudo pacman -Syyu.

If the process is interrupted at stage 2, you should be fine, because pacman was just downloading the neccessary files into pacman’s local cache when you interrupt it. Having said that, you may end up with a bunch of corrupted/incomplete packages inside the local cache. If this is the case, you just have to clean the local cache with something like paccache and then run the update again.

Most breakages associated with interruptions arise when the interruption occurs at stage 4, in which case the interruption occurs when pacman is already installing packages into your filesystem. Most of the time, you’ll end up with a partial upgrade.

Probably not. From what you described, it seems to me like you aborted the process before the packages were even downloaded.

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Just a general thought, it isn’t complicated at all to install from the AUR, especially if you use Yay. Some packages, like Brave, take longer to compile having more dependencies, but that doesn’t go for every package out there in the AUR.

That’s good to know, but does everything you explain also get applied to yay ?

Because I tried to install Brave with yay and I aborted it(the installation)

Yes, it does. Yay is just an AUR helper to simplify the handling, the process it follows is the same as doing it manually.


The easiest way to install AUR packages is using yay (or another AUR helper) and select a -bin version of the package if such exists.


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