What happened to my Gnome desktop?

After some updates lately, my desktop looks like this:

Very different from what is on Gnome website, which I like and got used to.

Also there appears a tile window system

Also there appears a layout controller?

Which does not work at all.

Does anybody know what is this? How to remove these (I would like to say monstrosities, but maybe they are just works in progress)?


Look into your /var/log/pacman.log around the time this issue started. Look for what you installed and what got updated.

Also, did you install some extensions to gnome-shell. It looks like that to me.

I am on a fully updated Arch-GNOME system and I am not seeing anything like this.

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maybe remove " Material Shell extension " you install . that what your screen shot look like .

:pray: my :crystal_ball: no show me what you install


Nice catch! It looks really like Material Shell.

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Thank you! It is just like you said! After disabling it, it went back to normal. I also found I have a bunch of extensions. I’m still getting the odd grid thing, I bet it is another extension.

You guys are awesome, thank you for being so quick to respond!

Keep track of things you install on your system.
Change only few things at the same time to be able to trace back what went wrong.

Also when updating/installing in the terminal, I pay attention to what packages are been updated/installed. It helps to narrow down the search after the “culprit” when/if some issue arises.


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