What games are you playing?

I started playing CS2 recently… A few casual matches, having fun with it.

I finished story of Dave the Diver and it was nice little game. Very chill but also addictive If you like collect all the stuff.


never gets old


Looks pretty cool

One of my favorites

Playing some Armored Core VI today, works out of the box!

Currently playing through Dragon Warrior (Quest) VII (emulated using Duckstation), I’m about 22 hours in


Just finished Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and doing side missions at the moment. Just started with Nintendo Switch emulation using Yuzu and will play some stuff on it.

Also playing original Metroid Prime on Gamecube through Dolphin/RetroArch using filters (called shaders) so it looks like on a real CRT.
Edit: Nevermind, found the problem. Here upload again.


not Smok and Kief the fish!!

edit: I just realized I think those are character’s names but Smok and Kief lol

Really enjoying Layers of Fear (2023) and Risk of Rain Returns

It only displays 4 characters of the names in battle, the real names are Smokey and Kiefer

that makes sense lol, but now I am gonna think of “yer smohkin reefah with Keefah” (Teen Mom 2 was on TV when I was in high school)

I am replaying Half Life 1


All Metroid games on GC, Wii and Switch are damn good!

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the tall purple one was my child hood hero :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s my first time experiencing the Prime series, and that comes from someone who grew up as a Super Metroid fan. From what I have seen the new Switch Prime Remaster version is quite close to the original, besides the graphical uplifts, but I wanted to have a more classic authentic feel. So far the only thing I don’t like about the game are the bosses. The rest is top.

There’s a widescreen 4K shader mod for Dolphin and it looks great!

Stardew Valley is like a drug. “Just one more day and then I go to bed” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Totally, I was addicted to this game for ages. Just reinstalled it the other week but haven’t started again yet as I know I will be playing for ages once I do.

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Replaying Pentiment again.

Truly a Masterwork.