What file(s) control desktop cursor theme?

So, one of my machines has an issue where desktop theming isn’t being fully applied. Most specifically, if I set a cursor, it works in applications, but if I’m just on the desktop itself, it doesn’t apply any theme and is just a basic black mouse. I know it’s an issue on this PARTICULAR machine, because all of my other Endeavour machines do not have the same issue. This one also had issues with autologin, so probably related to the same cause, but that issue has been fixed (deleted /etc/sddm.conf and /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf and then reset login manager settings through system settings). I’m betting a similar thing will fix this issue, but without blowing away all the files under .conf that have to so with k-anything and plasma-anything, not sure which files exactly I need to nuke to get that setting cleared. Anyone know off the top of your head?

Try this:

Also, if you are using Wayland, it may be the cause of the issue.

It’s set there, I need to know which FILES that actually is supposed to set them in so I can delete the files, and have it recreate them.

You can find those here:


However, you may not actually see a /default folder. And though it says “icons”, for whatever reason, cursor themes are stored in that directory. :person_shrugging:

No, you’re not understanding what I’m asking.

If you go to systemsettings > Colors & Themes > cursors > and set a cursor theme, what file does it change to tell plasma to use that cursor theme. I need to delete THAT file.

Should be this one.


But deleting it isn’t the answer. You need to edit it with a text editor and tell it which cursor theme to use. That file will get recreated.

Yes, I WANT it to get recreated. As I said, the cursor theme is set, but not working correctly. The exact same thing happened on plasma6 upgrade on this machine to autologin. Deleting the files (which had autologin correctly set in them) and setting it in system settings again fixed it. I’m willing to bet deleting the file and resetting my cursor theme in system settings will fix this issue.

Edit - can’t be that file, doesn’t exist on either Endeavour system that I checked.

Sounds like you need to create it, then and add the theme name.
This is the syntax:

[icon theme]

And the full path is:


Theme names are kinda inconsistent, so you may have to try a few names like:

Fluent Dark
Fluent dark

If none of this works, try doing a forum search for a similar issue: https://forum.endeavouros.com/search?q=cursor
Or a web search: https://www.startpage.com/do/metasearch.pl?query=cursor%20theme%20is%20different%20on%20arch%20linux

At least with plasma 6, this file has absolutely 0 bearing on anything. I just booted an OpenSUSE desktop, KDE Neon desktop, and the 3rd Endeavour system. All 3 do not have this file, Which makes 5 plasma6 desktops that do not have this file, and 4/5 have the cursor theme being properly applied.

Good job checking other systems for the issue and/or file. That is sometimes helpful.