What does the yellow symbol on the Networks icon mean?

Hi friends.

A yellow symbol appeared on the “Networks” icon of my EOS KDE. I have never clicked on that icon because I have never needed to access it.

Seeing that for the first time that icon appeared with a yellow symbol, I clicked on it. But since I’ve never looked there before, I don’t know if everything is correct.

Also, is the red X symbol that says “Disconnect” normal?

I don’t know why that yellow sign appeared nor do I know what it means. I restarted my EOS and the yellow signal is no longer there:

This is normal

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I’m guessing this is how the icon looked? If so it was the speed of your internet connection at the time.


That was the symbol! It’s the first time I’ve seen it.

Does it mean low speed or something? I mean, is it a kind of warning symbol, that something is not working right at that moment, or something like that?

Oh wait, maybe it means it’s uploading data? No, I’m not sure, I’ve never seen it before.

Normally I’ve only ever have it happen to me when doing lots online (watching videos, downloading multiple files in multiple programs etc) or when my provider has had an issue with the network. If its the first time its happened and you don’t see it much its nothing to really worry about too much.

Found a bit more information, it can also be caused by the site the network manager is pinging to check the connection

The yellow triangle usually means a “limited connection”.

The OS regularly pings a public server to check if you’re connected to the internet.

You are physically connected (Ethernet cable plugged in or connected to a WIFI network), but your connection to the public internet failed for some reason (router disconnected, wrong IP or DNS configuration, …).