What does it take to make an ISO mirror?

I tried searching for this but didn’t find what I wanted. So this is my question,

  • Let say I want to host a where the eos ISO and its updates can be downloaded how do I create one?
  • What would be the things needed?
  • What are the technologies needed to maintain and keep the files up to date.

In simple “How to make or create a mirror server” would be my question.

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for this @Alpix can answer it i think.

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Yeah we definitely need that tutorial.
I will make it, unit that you can contact me via direct message if your are interested in hosting a mirror.

Short you need:

  1. Server with
  • Linux so you can use rsync to keep the files up to date
  • Good connection and a high traffic limit or unlimited traffic
  • Free disk space (something like 10 GB needed)
  • not self hosted a home with normal costumer connection
  • No changing IP at the server
  1. A domain

I am because sooner I might have to upgrade to a paid service to hos my blog (it’s small but getting some traffic). The host I’m using right now is a free host with unlimited almost everything. But not for something like this. I will contact you as soon as I get the server because their paid plan is also unlimited on everything. Thank you.

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