What does "cronie" and "fcron" mean when I try to install clamtk?

Hi friends.

I wanted to install the clamtk package (clamav but with GUI):


But when installing it it gives me the choice between “cronie” and “fcron”. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two, and which version I should choose for my EOS KDE 6.0?


(Sorry if it’s a very basic question, but I like to know what I install, so I’ll learn for future packages)

Thanks in advance!

I normally go with the default when asked a question like this.

With that said I have never used Anti-Virus on Linux so i don’t know if there is a difference


Here is the official pages for these dependencies. Seems like they sorta do the same job, but cronie is actively getting updates and fcron hasn’t got an update since May of last year.


Oh I see, that makes sense, thanks friend!

By the way, I was taught here that if the terminal says: [Y/n] or [y/N] and you press enter, it will execute the letter that is capitalized, so I don’t need to type “y” or "n ", just press enter.

In this case it says (default=1), does this work the same? If I press enter, “cronie” will be installed, correct? (I have never asked this but it may be useful xD)

Thank you very much friend. I’ll read both pages later to see how it’s different.

Also, I’m thinking of using the clamav version, since its commands don’t seem to be too difficult, although clamtk seems easier for parsing Windows files.

Thanks again!

Sorry, my English is very bad and I didn’t read this correctly. Then I’ll choose cronie, thanks again!

PS: (although I think clamav is not difficult to use, so maybe install clamav instead of clamatk)

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