What do you think is the best web browser for Linux according to the open-source tests on this website?

Hi friends.

I saw an open thread discussing web browsers, and then I wondered what the “best” web browser might be.

But I got to thinking if it was “better” in terms of speed, privacy, security, or something else.

So what do you value in an explorer to make it the best one for you?

And, which do you think is the best web browser according to PrivacyTest’s tests (updated every 30 minutes)?


Keep in mind, privacytests.org is run by a Brave employee so it’s data should be viewed with some skepticism.

There is no “best” browser. We have an entire topic on privacy browsers that has been going on for years.

There has never been any consensus.

Privacy itself is a complicated topic. You will never have perfect privacy when using a browser so you have to start by deciding what you want privacy from. Then you need to work to figure out how to stop/mitigate those specific threats.


And the bottom line is: You do not try to find the best browser, you try to find the one that abuses you the least.

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Ya. . . I’m gonna go out and say that entire thing is complete trash. Looks like click bait.

Safari is almost as secure as Tor? Ok.

I read that fine print a long time ago and was impressed he even disclosed it…kudos to another critical reader…I still thought the tests were necessary and fair.
Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge all in toilet as you should expect they would be.
What blows my mind for a Brave salaried contract employee…is while Brave scored insanely well…librewolf and mullvad, Brave’s competitors, scored almost identically insanely well. In other words, Brave did not run away with it…

Safari failed in most things last time I looked but I was surprised the places it was mega ‘secure’–good observation, I always filed that . click bait? maybe. each test is explained thoroughly with a hover over…I’d call it a Brave love letter except all the love seemed to go to mozilla knockoffs. I always had a feeling there was some agenda but not necessarily Brave love.