What can I do?

yay -Syu
→ Packages missing from the AUR: grub-tools ipw2100-fw ipw

They have all been dropped from Arch and EnOS repos.
You could remove them.

ipw2100-fw and ipw2200-fw are firmware for older Intel wireless devices. If you don’t have them, the just remove them.

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And what is there instead of grub-tools?

As far as I know nothing in the EnOS repo.

It just give you some pacman hooks to regenerate grub.cfg after a kernel install or update also if I am not mistaken.

You can keep it if you wish. If you want to get rid of the package missing message, you could add it to pacman.conf to be ignored.

If you remove it, your system would work as before. You just need to regenerate grub.cfg when you install a new additional kernel for it to show up in Grub’s boot menu.

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