What are your opinions on freecad?

It is depressing to think I have an associates degree in cad cam, and only know windows software. Since transitioning to Linux I have been continuing to use Autodesk software, (Autocad, and Inventor,) in vm’s. It was the only reason why I use a vm in the first place. Yesterday I decided to deviate from my normal course, install freecad, and learn it. At first glance it looks intimidating. I see there are plenty of videos on youtube about it, so I think I can learn the basics fairly quickly. I think one advantage I have is that I know the terminology some-what, so I can navigate around, a bit more confidently than one who does not. My main goal in using cad software is to create 3d models for fabrication. I do not fabricate myself. I design a thing, and present it to a shop, and say make this. It is no nonsense, and to the point. All dimensions, and features are there, so there is no confusion, (hopefully,). My latest project is designing a bracket to install next to engine under the hood of my truck. Anyway, I am hoping to learn, from others, any shortcomings, or problems they have with freecad, and to also learn of any good resources they may utilize to overcome them.

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I haven’t used this sort of software since I was in high school but after a quick search online Autocad and Freecad are apparently pretty different from each other, 2 of the sites I looked on recommended to use either Qcad or Librecad instead as they are closer to it.


It certainly is different than Autocad, but I have nothing against that. Learning freecad will be another tool in the shed, so nothing but good can come from learning it. As far as other cad software, I will be sticking with freecad. It installed nicely with no hitches, and I can see that it does what I need. It is just a matter of learning the processes.

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There’s a russian company making professional CAD software Компас-3D, right now they’re moving from the wine version to linux-native support.

Yes, that’s more than enough. It won’t last long till your first project gets real :smiley: