What are your favorite Plasma Global Themes & Icons?

Curious what other Plasma users are using for a global theme/icons?

Hey Blue Dark icons
Kvantum material dark
Plasma style Dracula
Breeze Dark workspace
Flat-remix-dark window decs.

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On my Arch KDE install I’m using the folowing:

Global theme: dracula: plasma dracula

I changed the window decorations to Arc Dark though, don’t really like the MacOS like buttons

as for icons, I’m using Flatery Dark : Flatery icons

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Global theme Nordian-Gobal

Application style Nordic-Darker

Breeze Phoenix Icons

Cursors Material Cursors

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I use the layan theme in the aur as:

  • layan-kde-git
  • kvantum-theme-layan-git
  • layan-cursor-theme-git
  • layan-gtk-theme-git

For icons, I use the purple tela icon theme in the aur as tela-icon-theme


WM Theme: Blur-Glassy-v.2
Theme: Blur-Glassy [Plasma], Breeze [GTK2/3]
Icons: Simply-White-Circles [Plasma], Simply-White-Circles [GTK2/

Sorry for the garish colours! :pensive:


Do you guys install these themes/icons via settings then under say global themes or do you prefer to do it in console?

When they are available in AUR I install them via a package manager and then set them in system settings.

If not, I download them in system settings.

I find it easier to keep them updated via AUR, especially the icons which need more frequent updates.

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korla-icon-theme from the AUR

You’re welcome.

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Plasma Style: Arc Dark Transparent
GTK Applications: X-Arc-Shadow
Window Decorations: Laylan (Transparent)
Kvantum: KvArcDark (Modified with blurs)
Icons: White-sur Dark

It’s the cat’s meow!


global theme: Harmony


Global theme: Dracula
Plasma Style Dracula
Application Style: Lightly
Windows Decorations: Gently Blur
Colours: Sensual-Dark
Icons: Sweet-Rainbow