What are your favorite coding/development tools for linux?

I’m fairly new in to programming, currently studying C++. I’m currently using VSCodium (basically vscode with stripped telemetry) as code editor, g++ compiler and gdb as debugger.

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I mostly use vscodium as well. It has good support for every language I want to use.

When I was first learning Python I found PyCharm to be a good IDE.

When I want something simple and lightweight, I use kate.

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I use Kate for writing all code (and for other stuff, like LATEX). I moslty program in C++, and Kate has great support for C/C++ with Clang, it’s almost like an IDE, except quite lightweight. Well, actually, it’s not, but I have all the features I need from an IDE in Kate. I compile stuff from the terminal. What I find really nice is how Konsole is integrated in Kate. I use that a lot.

If I need a proper IDE, I have KDevelop, but I’ve used it maybe 10 times in the last year or so, I just don’t need all the features.

I use VSCodium, sometimes Komodo IDE 12, often Geany, Kate, Filezilla, Konsole terminal, grep, ruplacer, MariaDB, PHP-fpm. Doing mostly PHP/Javascript. I used to use Netbeans, but it got annoying waiting all the time.

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