What are you listening to right now?

I must be the outlier here. I like to listen to music from my youth, sure, but only an hour or so. When it’s continous and this music only, I feel like I am entrapped in the past. Wouldn’t want to watch the news from decades ago, either.


Sure, I think I understand - perhaps I rather should have said that I listened to pop music in the 70’s and 80’s (and hearing that kind of music nowadays feels “comfortable”), but that I have stopped listening to pop music some time after that. So, I may well be the outlier here.
Now, if I do listen to music, I only listen to classical music, so - to paraphrase you - I listen to news from ages ago, and find the experience rather enjoyable :wink: .
Not sure what that says about me.

At the moment I’m listening to: https://www.deutschlandfunk.de/ (today’s news :wink: ).

Classical music is timeless, I think, so this analogy doesn’t apply here.

I listen to Classical music, some modern music and also exotic music from around the world. And sometimes music from my youth. I enjoy listening to Deutschlandfunk in the car, because the others are so bad.

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I get it, depends though. an hour of 80s could get old. 90’s you had to look hard but still rewarding. was there music made in the 2000’s or 2-teens? I don’t remember any :wink:.
I personally love to see news and scenes of the past–feathered hair and polyester clothes and everything- albeit not continuously. The present sucks badder than I’ve ever seen.
My “outlier” tastes go back in my prolific CD-mix days or even making lists today: I will generously sample across decades so I’m never bored with the past. It’s all about going for a feel or a sound.

at the end of the day I had to say what make you an outlier is how you settled upon classical as your ‘thing.’ this is either maturation of your musical tastes or you spend time in different genres than move on. It’s interesting to me.

myself I never quite outgrew a criterion base of 2 guitars, drums, bass, & screaming which encompasses most of the spectrum: rock and jazz and soul and funk and noise and punk and country and probably a dozen subgenres including sometimes in avant garde orchestras…it’s never that I outgrew any era or time period, I never outgrew those intruments.

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Petter Eldh, Koma Saxo (2019)

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That groove is a bit over the edge, even for me! :rofl:

Since it’s time to burn a nice ISO :wink: with lazer on a DVD or use of the command $ dd to put it on a nice and shiny new USB key, here’s another version and happy times:

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The groove on “Kali Koma” reminds me of this track:

Fuming Mouth - Last Day of Sun

Happy times!!!
Linux users (a bird!) :penguin: showing windows users how to use EndeavourOS :tada:

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