What application is behind keyring pwd prompt?

I know I entered a password for a keyring but I wasn’t sure then what triggered it. Now I think it’s Skype, and I get this:

Unlock keyring
An app wants to access the keyring “Default”, but locked.
Pwd: _________
[✓] Automatically unlock this KR whenever logged int

No other app is accessible when prompts (thus no snapshot), but fortunately I remember the pwd, so I can exit it. The Main Menu lists nothing under “keyring”. Could someone shed some light on what this is about?

Probably is Gnome’s keyring:


Yeah, I installed searhorse and then Main Menu>Passwords & keys shows an entry for Skype under ‘Default’. I presume there exists an Xfce alternative to gnome-keyring, or?

No, I’m not aware if other DE’s have their own. I’ve only seen Gnome’s. Gnome keyring is used by just about everyone/all things on Linux.

KDE Plasma has had its own key/pass store (called kwallet) for as long as I can remember and most programs can also use that one.
But as xfce is a gtk-based DE, the gnome-keyring would be the natural choice.

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