What application have you recently discovered?

@Balder it is not building for me - what have I missed?

I can’t tell you that.

Just enter yay impression.

[12/13] Generating data/resources/resources_gresource with a custom command
FAILED: data/resources/resources.gresource 
/usr/bin/glib-compile-resources ../Impression-v2.1/data/resources/resources.gresource.xml --sourcedir /home/xircon/.cache/yay/impression/src/build/data/resources --sourcedir data/resources --sourcedir ../Impression-v2.1/data/resources --internal --generate --target data/resources/resources.gresource --dependency-file data/resources/resources.gresource.d
../Impression-v2.1/data/resources/resources.gresource.xml: Failed to locate “blueprints/window.ui” in any source directory.
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
 -> error making: impression-exit status 4
 -> Failed to install the following packages. Manual intervention is required:
impression - exit status 4

Just the bit with the error.

Sorry, but this error means nothing to me. Maybe someone who knows more about it will contact me. For me, yay impression worked without problems, as well as the other installations from the AUR (are only 3 with me).

When I research, often I like to see info in languages other than my own (English, obviously).

This is a non-google (settings) FOSS translation app–a rarity!—that always gives me insight when I cut and paste paragraphs into it. sturdy, not buggy, reliable mostly. sometimes lingva translate is down but never libre translate.

Used it in Flatpak for a year til I found it in AUR: DIALECT is the app name (https://github.com/dialect-app/dialect)


Do you have python-argparse installed? Apparently, python-argparse and blueprint-compiler don’t play well with each other. Batch compiling in blueprint-compiler ceases to work if you have python-argparse installed on your system.


Yes, that is the problem!

I discovered duplicati yesterday, could be an interesting backup tool. is however still in a beta version. will try it soon.


My warning to you is that it has been beta for many years now.

I used it for a time but after I ended with an unrecoverable database multiple times, I gave up on it.

I concluded that my backup software was not the best place for experimentation.


That is really to bad, sounded promising. I checked the issue tracker on the github account, it doesn’t seem to be stable. Thx for the info.

Does it translate Klingon?


You have other alternatives such as Borgmatic, Emborg or Restic.


thanks for the info, I’ll take a look.

roll the dice and see :wink:

paru. yay in rust, with a working sudo loop, unlike pikaur which I used to shill. pikaur takes forever, paru doesn’t.
Also add this to your .bashrc/.zshrc:
alias yay=paru.

Also, ventoy. It’s nothing new but since impression was mentioned, I thought I should mention ventoy.

DISCLAIMER: Ventoy is not a toy.

I discovered a very very graphic monitor called system-monitoring-center !
far from the EndeavourOS philosophy as you can see …



Looks pretty

Trying to find a MusicBee replacement that can work on a ~10k file sized music library and it’s difficult. There’s really nothing like MusicBee but it’s a Windows-only app. Though while going through that journey I found Tauon Music Box. I don’t think it’ll be my go-to for now, but it’s a neat music player. It’s got a minimal UI but a nice looking one, but I’m having trouble getting automatic genre playlists onto it like I can with MusicBee and its tag hierarchy explorer.

Even though it might not fully be for me, it’s still a neat enough music player that I’ma share it here. The UI is nice, you can rate albums/tracks out of 5 stars with half-star ratings if that’s your thing, you can make smart playlists, it has native support for not only last.fm but ListenBrainz and Majola, it can search Bandcamp and Rate Your Music, and it’s actually faster than MusicBee for my library. The generator playlists are a bit bugged for me though so I haven’t been able to use them, I have very complex genre groupings that nothing but MusicBee and maybe Quod Libet (at the brief cost of processing power) can handle.


Thanks :slight_smile: I will check this out. I was also looking for an alternate like musicbee.