Well, hello

Thought I would give EOS+KDE a spin after a year or so on KDE Neon . It was either this or, dare I say it, Gentoo. Will probably just tool around a bit in virtualbox before hitting the laptops’ iron.

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Well… Welcome :slight_smile: to here on the forum.

Enjoy your ride !

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Welcome @DeinOnkelFred. I’ve been happy running EOS/sddm/KDE/Plasma. Very stable.

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Hello DeinOnkelFred, welcome.

Gentoo ? haha. That was the first Linux version I tried back in the days of dial-up…two weeks 24/7 and it still wasn’t done installing.

Give Calculate Linux a try, it’s the Manjaro of Gentoo. I try them all but Arch & EOS are my home.

Welcome @DeinOnkelFred! :partying_face:

Welcome @DeinOnkelFred
Once you try EndeavourOS you’ll be home.

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Welcome @DeinOnkelFred, Bare metal Iron the last step before choice ! :rocket:

A minimal Gentoo is what I am currently using to get LFS up and running :slight_smile: As I am just getting back into linux because my 2012 macbook pro (am I allowed to swear here?!) is about to go kaput. Seems like a good way to figure out how much I’ve forgotten after 8 years of having Stevie J and Timmy C holding my hand.

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Ya…wouldn’t want to be buying a new MacBook Pro. Ouch!!! $$

Welcome aboard & enjoy yourself!!! :+1: