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Hello from Florida, USA :+1:

Hello from Sweden! This is my 2nd post.

Have used vanilla Arch for some years but needed to do a quick installation this week and thought I should try EndeavourOS and so far I like it! I now use it (with dwm) on my main home machine. I will maybe try it on one of my music recording machines too.
My youngest son will try it later today or tomorrow too but Roblox needs to run fine…

Hello, I’m Tim. I love GPLv3 and BSD Licensed OS’s and Open Source software in general. Just an enthusiast, not a software engineer.

Hey Everyone,

I came onboard about two or three months ago. I found a really cool community that’s already got me out of silly problems :slight_smile: I’m enjoying my switch from Manjaro to EndeavourOS a lot. I used to be a GUI guy and find the terminal so user-friendly.

I hail from Savannah, Georgia, US, originally from the south of France. I used to be an electric mobility journalist and have no idea what’s next. I’d love to help out the community in my spare time, whatever that looks like.


Good Morning All

All the way from South Africa. I’m in love with endeavorsos. I stumbled across the app as i usually use the web browser version after sending up. I’m getting more help and more useful information in one place.

Thank you for the amazing work…

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Welcome @Greg to the purple side of the moon!


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Hello everybody,

I started using Linux when the only way to install it was getting an installation CD.
About 4 years ago, I started again to use Linux, with a Ubuntu virtual machine running on Hyper-V. I then passed to Virtualbox and other Linux distributions, hoping to use the same distribution as virtual desktop on my desktop and bare-metal desktop on my laptop. I also tried Manjaro (about two years ago), but Virtualbox gave me problems with it.

Now, on my desktop, I replaced Windows 10 with Endeavour OS. I am going to install it on my laptop too.

Hi everyone.

So, my Windows laptop broke a couple of years ago and I decided to ‘simplify’ by moving to a Chromebook and the cloud. That really did save me a lot of time & stress. I found the Linux support on Chromebooks plugged some application requirements: this got me hooked on wanting more which set me off to build a desktop machine for Linux. My research suggested starting off with Ubuntu before trying out Endeavour OS. I got Ubuntu up and running OK, but struggled a bit with Linux support for my hardware.

Finally I took the plunge and installed an Endeavour OS image as a 2nd boot option. I think I ‘get it’ - excellent online & forum support, latest Linux, latest software, latest fixes, minimal but well curated software mix and stable. The ‘Grub Update Causing Un-bootable OS On UEFI Systems’ was a shock but the forum support got me through that with ease.

So, I continue my journey. Finally, I have to say thanks and well done to all those who contribute to Endeavour OS.

Ah well LOL Hello category the fourth time I installed this OS but it will stay. It starts fa-a-ast, from an external USB v3.0 disk. Like the terminal output of “pacman/yay” that’s the way it should be. Although I hate “pacman” but want to avoid GUI installer/remover too. Almost forgot to indicate the great job done with “Calamares”, remains alive giving status more or less what it’s doing, cannot say the same thing for other distros and even one recently put out (not Ubuntu) crashed with Python at the very end, OOPS! Thank you devs for this.

However I have a problem with the “nickname”. I don’t like Greek/Roman mythology figures especially the females, especially one rebellious and ghey. Read “The Illiad” and why Poseidon took the Greek side in the Trojan War LOL. Also that darned spaceship they made a big deal about this year which contains a Puertorican for the first time. No I don’t like it. I was going to wait until the “nickname” were changed before installing this OS again. I do like “Endeavour” in British English, although nine letters not a good Scrabble word.

← This distro-hopper did install from online, a first for any distro but didn’t like it. So I’m now stuck with XFCE. I also have Manjaro 64-bit and Slackware 32-bit on my system.

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Greetings. Just installed EOS on my second platform (repurposed Apple gear) and, having used other Linux flavors for quite some time, find it to be outstanding. The usual glitches are Apple’s fault, not EOS :wink:

Anyhow, just wanted to express my appreciation for this awesome platform and welcoming community. :vulcan_salute:

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Hello, I’m an enthusiast Linux user since 2008. Almost. I had to work with other OSs but I learnt in the mean time the tool is just a tool. Then that the tool was message. Then I refused working on other OSs just because I wasn’t to be bought.

I used several Linux distributions as daily drivers like some of you. Namely Ubuntu 09 (maybe ^^), Fedora (which I liked a lot), Manjaro (which made me regreat the drop to ArchLinux somehow), ArchLinux (because when everyone failed…), Antergos (because it was a breeze) and EndeavourOS (because Antergos died T_T).

So now I’ve been on Endeavouros since Antares. Since then I’ve been going back and forth with Fedora. But something was bugging me all the way long… Freedom.

I sticked to Cassini (r1) since then. And I’m happy to be here as a beginner (I know I’m just a rookie) Linux user :slight_smile:

PS : I also used Mandriva :smiley:

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