Welcome news

Hi all!

Here’s a glimpse of a new feature that is coming to the Welcome app: you can add your own commands!


It requires you to write a simple text file in your $HOME folder.

The Help button right under the icon text “Own commands added” gives a short tutorial (~ half a page) about how to add your commands into Welcome. The tutorial includes an example too, so you can take the example as the basis for your own commands.

There is no GUI for creating own commands, but I think it is quite easy to make it work with the help of the tutorial and a text editor.

Note that it still needs some testing, and I’ll release the new package after that.


Looking forward to seeing what kinds of things you have thought of so far. I hope you know that someone is going to try to use it as substitute for Plank! :grin:

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It really is not as advanced as Plank or any other established launcher/dock.
But if it serves its purpose, I’ll be happy! :smile:

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Thus are the great applications evolved :grin: Now, if it can match the smarts of the thread heading (news of Welcome, and Welcome news to hear) we’ll all be well off!

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So, my translations is OK… Can’t wait to see it live :smiley:

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