Welcome changes

New welcome 2.4.39-1 has arrived.

It includes a few changes, but maybe the most visible change is the Welcome’s changelog button. As you can easily guess, it shows the changelog of the Welcome app, latest changes at the top.
Click that button and you’ll see the following list:

Changelog for welcome

- added button to install the EndeavourOS Xfce theming (experimental!)
- welcome launcher icon starts welcome even it was disabled (and re-enables it)
- new translation: Portuguese
- updated Slovakian translation
- added button "Welcome's changelog"

As you also can see, some new Welcome features are only in English language. We are working on it and update translations as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! :smile:




Welcome version 2.4.39-1 installer has a bug that prevents installing to start.
Sorry about that!

It has been fixed in version 2.4.40-1.


Simple question: is it possible to “deactivate” both xfce theme button on others environments?

Besides this, I tested removing and then adding back xfce theme and it worked great.

Yes it is!
I’ll do that in the next version.
Thanks for the great idea!

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I think a Mate / Gnome / Plasma / Deepin / LXQt user don’t care about xfce theming buttons :slight_smile:

Simply logical!


grrrrrr you forgot Cinnamon :hugs:


Sorry… :sleepy: Forgot it!

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Tested it and it works. No more “xfce switch theme button” for anything else than Xfce :smiley:

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Excellent! Apart from the obvious advantages (not introducing irrelevant complications, for instance) - it might keep the requests for equally capable theming to be done on the other 7 DE’s! (as if you had the time, or the inclination…)

Now - what’s left to do for an encore? :grin:


Plenty :wink:
E.g. translations for currently missing phrases, and new…

Unfortunately you probably hit my limit with the wiki entries! All I can do now is simple(!) C code, and bash/yad goodies for conky-related projects…

Even the ‘C’ code is pretty much a rehash of what bash could do in more capable hands! All I can say is willing - but too old to be able.


Thanks for your willingness to help! :smile:

I think age is not really preventing stuff. There’s always a learning curve, but with the right spirit (sorry if I use inaccurate words, not a native English speaker) you can make miracles! :sweat_smile:


Not thrilled with the Welcome starting each time, is there still a way to disable it other than uninstalling?

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Just press the “Don’t show me again” button. It can be re-enabled later if you want too.


I’ve had the same issue with the new update to Welcome, where neither clicking “Don’t show me again” nor running eos-welcome --disable would stop it from showing up on startup. I ended up having to manually remove welcome from my Application Autostart list.


I’ve done that twice already, that’s why I’m posting here.

Edit: Running Plasma, and I haven’t been able to locate Welcome in any of the autostart locations.

Wait…I know this but it has been a while. It is in a really strange place. I can’t remember the exact menu header but I know it was in something like a discarded applications menu?

The welcome app launcher icon was recently changed to always enable it if it was disabled.
You can change it back by editing the launcher, remove the --enable option on the Exec line.

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Thank you for the changelog (I finally read it properly :sweat_smile: ) Just a suggestion, can in a some future version a link to endeavouros-team/PKGBUILDS/welcome github be added to it somewhere. I think it would be helpful.

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