Welcome app processes remain permanently in the background

I’m running Plasma Wayland and I’ve noticed that the Welcome app doesn’t ever terminate properly, leaving yad processes behind which slowly increase in time. Is this the correct behaviour? Every time I run the welcome app in a session I get another whole set of yad processes appear, which doesn’t seem right to me…

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. This only seems to happen on Plasma Wayland. Cinnamon and Plasma on X work as expected.

I am not sure what the exact issue is here but I just wanted to give you a heads up that you might not get a response until tomorrow. It is fairly late Saturday night for many of the team members.

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Yes, there are known issues with the Welcome app and Wayland.

See this thread

and the Wiki entry for Welcome (scroll to the end for the Yard and Wayland section)

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OK, thanks.

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Just a quick update: I applied the EndeavourOS upgrade to Plasma 5.24 earlier today and the problem is no longer present!

Thanks again.

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